About Tacit LLC

We let our consultants do the talking.

tac-it (tas'it). adjective. silent; unspoken but understood; expressed or carried on without words or speech.

We let our consultants do the talking.


TACIT LLC is a full-service information technology company that provides IT consulting, temporary and permanent staffing, and referrals.

We named the company Tacit, which means "silent or unspoken but understood," because we believe that the consulting business is not primarily about any one company, but about the consultants. A successful technology implementation depends on the decisions and actions of human beings. The best way to solve a technical problem is to find the right person to help you.

That's where Tacit LLC comes in. We are committed to finding the right people to guarantee the success of your technology projects. We don't just throw resumes at you. We hand pick IT professionals with the experience and expertise to fit your specific needs.

In addition to providing staffing for all IT roles, Tacit LLC has developed relationships with trusted partners to provide specialized services, such as IT assessment and managed services, software and hardware sales, strategic planning, and process re-engineering, at no added cost to our clients.

Headquartered in Green Bay, Tacit LLC serves clients in NE Wisconsin, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.