Become a SocialCoder

Looking for a way to use your technical expertise for the good of society? Volunteer with SocialCoder.

SocialCoder is an organization that connects volunteer programmers and software developers with registered charities for specific goal-oriented projects. SocialCoder matches each volunteer with a project that is suitable to their skills and experience and benefits the causes they care about.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Programmers tell SocialCoder what causes they care about and what skills and experience they want to share.
  2. Charities and non-profit organizations talk to SocialCoder about projects they want to start—SocialCoder helps define the project.
  3. SocialCoder matches volunteers with suitable projects. Participation is entirely optional.
  4. Project goals are agreed before a project starts.
  5. Volunteers are supported throughout a project.
  6. SocialCoder reviews completed projects to see what can be learned.

ACM – the Association for Computing Machinery – is now partnering with SocialCoder and encouraging its members, regardless of skill level and experience, to participate. The benefits of volunteering, according to the ACM website, include:

  • Gain real world experience to add to your resume/C.V.
  • Develop skills such as project management, leadership, communication, time-management, planning
  • Mentoring from a SocialCoder mentor
  • Enhance your GitHub profile by adding projects to which you have contributed
  • Potential for recommendations/referrals from the charity/organization you’re supporting
  • Potential networking opportunities
  • Personal fulfillment

For more information visit ACM  or SocialCoder.