Your hobby could land you that plum job

What’s your hobby? Needlepoint? Windsurfing? Photography? Rock climbing? If you said cryptography or robotics or computer gaming, you could be giving yourself in edge in the tech job market.

Really? Video games are that useful?

It seems so, according to a recent poll of 2500 CIOs around the country. Half of the survey respondents said job applicants with website or app development hobbies were likely to catch their eye, as were candidates who play or develop video games or participate in hackathons.

The reason, apparently, is that hobbies tell a lot about a person. Hobbies arise from interest rather than necessity. Tech hobbies tell hiring managers that you are passionate about technology and acquiring new skills to the extent that these occupations even fill your non-working hours.

It’s true that professional credentials and educational background are important in determining a candidate’s fitness for a specific job. But tech hobbies can tell hiring managers that candidates with a non-traditional background may be innovative and well worth considering.

Game on!